How to Lead

Learning how to lead as Jesus did is essential for God’s work to flourish in and out of the church. We’ve provided a few resources here that talk about leadership in the church specifically. If you feel called to lead in a specific area we would love to hear from you! Send us a message through the Contact Form and check out the Ministries Page to see where you can get involved.

From Myles Munroe: “Munroe Global is dedicated to the development of nations, one individual at a time, by sharing Dr. Munroe’s vision to reach the world with priceless principles of leadership and empowerment.

Our assignment is to “transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change” as we spread this message of Kingdom Leadership to the world!”

From John Maxwell’s EQUIP: “EQUIP Leadership® is a non-profit organization specializing in training and mobilizing effective Christian leaders. Founded by brothers John and Larry Maxwell in 1996, EQUIP® is dedicated to developing servant leaders who shoulder responsibility, meet challenges with courage and creativity and never relinquish their God-given dreams.”

Keith Moore’s book: “A vital tool for every member of the body of Christ. Servant Leadership In The Twenty-First Century is written from an Armourbearer’s perspective, but the principles can be applied from the pulpit to the parking lot. Since we are all called to serve, you will gain greater insight and understanding into the ministry of an Armourbearer as well as your own ministry. Servant Leadership In The Twenty-First Century develops spiritual maturity in the believer’s life. For any ministry to grow and be effective it must have faithful servant leaders.”